Create Your Dream Retirement!

Is your image of retirement a little cloudy? This workshop brings out the sun! Learn new strategies to grow wealth and create a detailed, achievable plan to dream about!

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Introduces new strategies to build wealth, health, and wisdom for your second half of life.


Provides perspective,insight, and accountability to support you in achieving your goals.

Multiple Income Streams

Cash Flow is more important than net worth. Create a safety net before and during retirement.

Retirement Still Tops the List as Americans' No 1 Financial Worry


of Americans say Retirement is Their Number 1 Financial Concern


...of Americans Fear They Will be Unable to Pay Medical Costs


...ofAmericans Worry that They Will be Unable to maintain current standard of living

Mary K. Barrett

Mary K. Barrett

I am a financial coach with 35 years’ experience as a business analyst, investment manager and financial planner. I currently specialize in creatively assisting clients to achieve the level of financial independence required for their Dream Retirement.

Typically, this requires education, dedicated time, accountability, communication, and a commitment to personal growth. Similar to a personal trainer, if your goal is a strong upper body, I might show you how to do push-ups, help you perfect your technique, support you in reaching your goals, hold you accountable and provide some humor along the way. However, I cannot do your push-ups for you.

If you have clear goals or need help clarifying them and are ready to get started on a magnificent journey, please attend the “Create Your Dream Retirement Workshop” in person in the Philadelphia area or online (coming soon) or send an email to me at to arrange a complimentary strategy session focused on your needs.

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Create Retirement Abundance (Even if You Have No Savings)

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The Create Your Dream Retirement Workshop

TBA Bucks County PA
9:30AM to 3:30PM

This workshop helps you visualize in stunning detail the “where, when and what” of your Dream Retirement, while also considering various creative ways of “how” you will accomplish it. You will be targeting financial independence, as well as a healthy and fulfilling encore to your working life. In the new paradigm of Ageless Living, some will retire early with the prospect of a second career, others will cut a new path in their fifties or sixties and still others will continue working into old age while doing what they love with enthusiasm and competence.

Among other things, you will be guided to consider multiple and passive streams of income, ramping up your investment returns, ways to save taxes, how to safeguard your nest egg and whether or when to downsize. You will learn novel ways of managing stress, addressing limiting beliefs, and how to grow stronger in mind, body, and spirit as you age. You will be introduced to experts in various fields of business, investing and health so that you can dig deeper. Finally, there is power and camaraderie in numbers, so there will be Mastermind and Facebook Groups to support your plan on an ongoing basis, as well as individual and group coaching.

We are a personal development firm focused on retirement. No financial products are represented or sold.

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Mary has supported me with invaluable business and wealth building advice over the past year. Linda G., self-employed, Newtown, PA

Linda G.

Self-employed, Newtown, PA

Mary has helped me organize our financial affairs, prepare for retirement, and save money in a number of ways. Margaret K. architectural consultant, Yardley, PA

Margaret K.

Architectural Consultant, Yardley, PA

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